Currently 1 Halal Restaurant in Danang

Halal in Danang

The list of halal restaurants in Danang has increased from 0 to 1 today. We will add more restaurants as soon as we get confirmation.

How we verified the halal restaurants

The list of halal restaurants in Danang are checked by the local Muslim community. The restaurants listed will meet halal standards dictated by the Hanafi Madhab.

Please Note: Some restaurants may still be temporarily closed. Be sure to contact the restaurant before visiting.

GoHALALVietnam log

We can only confirm one halal restaurant that does not serve alcohol in Danang. It is very difficult to get any halal meat in Hanoi despite the prevalence of halal with restaurants.

Halal Restaurants in Danang

Istanbul Anatolian Kebab House Da Nang

Istanbul Anatolian Kebab House

Address: 33, An Thuong 5, Da Nang, Vietnam

Telephone: +84.76.734.1907

Delicious Turkish Cuisine is now in Da Nang, Vietnam. Ẩm thực Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ ngon hiện đang.

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