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Halal Tour Promise – VMT/GoHalalTours

Halal tourism is big business in Vietnam.  VMT/GoHalalTours is a Muslim-owned travel agency.  We are a boutique in that we cannot provide the same services to Muslim travelers as our larger non-Muslim owned competitors.  Instead, we can just offer one thing, Our Halal Promise: Our Halal Promises Together as VMT/GoHalalTours, … [Read more...]

New Halal Saigon Restaurant (Kampung Pandan)

There is a new review of Kampung Pandan halal restaurant in Saigon at Review of Kampung Pandan - Saigon Halal Restaurant.   It is a new halal restaurant from the previous owner of Banana Leaf, now closed. Go here for the review: Review of Kampung Pandan - Saigon Halal Restaurant A list of safe halal restaurants are provided … [Read more...]

Expat Blog Member Steals Content from GoHalalVietnam.com

Edit: The content has been deleted from Expat Blog Forums. :-) Today I was surprised to see a lot of content from the original GoHalalVietnam.com site at Expat Blogs: http://www.expat-blog.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=2637679#p2637679 The content was stolen literally just days after I posted it on the site.  At the time I was … [Read more...]

GoHalalTours website update

Assalaamu aleikum, It has been informed to me that many Muslim visits to GoHalalTours.com are having problems accessing the website do to a warning.  Google had urged that all websites use SSL for encryption to ensure the security of users visiting the websites.  This is what I had done with goHalalTours.  Unfortunately many … [Read more...]

End of 2014 Approaching

Assalaamu aleikum is approaching.  2014 has been a good year for GoHalalVietnam!  There have been many praises for the site but also many insults.  For me it has made running the site more difficult.  It is not easy to maintain a halal list for restaurants in Vietnam.  I kept the list short for visitors.  I returned the revision of … [Read more...]